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Mary Hurrell

A choreography for Sheffield in two parts.

For Duplex, Mary Hurrell twinned two buildings in Sheffield City: the O2 Academy (formerly the Roxy Disco Hall) and the Electricity Substation, a concrete behemoth that services the city’s heavy industry. Both structures were designed by architect Bryan Jefferson during the rapid transformation of Sheffield in the 1960s. Act One: Absorb/Dissolve embedded itself in the existing social structures of the Academy’s music scene. Act Two: Duplex Duet choreographed a movement through the stairwells and walkways that encircle the Substation’s central transformer bank. Exploring the concept of the human body as a moving architecture, both acts create compositions that absorb, mirror and disperse the emotive and structuring effects of these buildings.

Act One: Absorb/Dissolve took place at 10pm, Saturday 8 December, at the O2 Academy Sheffield.

Act Two: Duplex Duet took place at 10.30am, Sunday 9 December, at the Sheffield City Substation.

Mary Hurrell (b. 1982, South Africa, lives and works in London)

Mary Hurrell works across performance, film and sculpture to explore choreography and composition of the body, space and object. Recent exhibitions include Tilt Your Head Toward Me (remixed performance works), Dilston Grove, London (2012); Key Blank, Broadcast Gallery, Dublin (2012) and Call, Carlos/Ishikawa Gallery, London (2012). Recent performances include Coda, Bold Tendencies Sadlers Wells Weekend, London (2012); Solos, Acme Project Space, London (2012) and Coda, Carlos/Ishikawa Gallery, London (2012)


Duplex is commissioned as part of JERUSALEM.

Taking the form of collective journeys, JERUSALEM is an ongoing project that commissions artists to make work informed by, housed within or seeking alliance with selected architectural sites across the UK. The second chapter of JERUSALEM takes place from 7 to 9 December, 2012. Participating artists are: David Raymond Conroy, Richard Healy and Mary Hurrell.