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David Raymond Conroy
Do you (cover)

On Saturday 8 December, artist David Raymond Conroy delivered a talk in the Showroom Cinema, Sheffield. Deliberately placing himself centre stage, the artist plays on the expectations of a cinema audience in the moments before a movie begins. The next day, the artist led a small group through Sheffield from the site of the new art college to the campus where Conroy studied ten years previously. This intimate encounter with the artist's past served as a counterpoint to the more public forum of the cinema. Working with public presentation, photography and sculpture, Conroy's talks are an attempt at effective and sincere communication.


David Raymond Conroy (b. Reading, 1978, lives and works in London)

Recent exhibitions and performances include Soundworks, ICA, London (2012); Sunday Fair, London (2012); L’homme qui voulait savoir, GP & N Vallois, Paris (2012); The Language of the Flowers and the Stars, Cubitt Gallery, London (2012); 21st Century Events, Chisenhale Gallery, London (2012); Anti-Photography, Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea (2011) and New Works UK, LUX Touring Programme (2010). Recent curated projects include A Plea for Tenderness, Seventeen Gallery, London (2012). Most recently Conroy presented Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (with Andy Holden), a stage adaptation of David Foster Wallace’s collection of short stories at the ICA, London (2012).


Do you (cover) is commissioned as part of JERUSALEM.

Taking the form of collective journeys, JERUSALEM is an ongoing project that commissions artists to make work informed by, housed within or seeking alliance with selected architectural sites across the UK. The second chapter of JERUSALEM takes place from 7 to 9 December, 2012. Participating artists are: David Raymond Conroy, Richard Healy and Mary Hurrell.